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Hotel Kasha  Security Information
HOTEL KASHA provides Secure Internet Credit Card Ordering to our guests for the wonderful convenience, and superior safety, it offers. Our guests, and the safety of their information, are sacred to us, and we would never endorse or use a risky payment method. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable making your online transction with us!

On-Line Ordering Form An online order form is generated automatically after you have made your reservertions selection.

Did You Know... Ordering  On-Line Can Be One Of The Safest Ways To Use Your Credit Card!

Ordering on the Internet is a relatively new way of shopping and some people worry about the safety of using their credit card numbers on the Web. But a lot of this worry is unfounded! Placing orders with a credit card over the Internet - especially on a form like ours which uses a Secure Server & Secure Form, is virtually secure. The form encrypts all your personal and billing information and is probably one of the safest ways you can use your credit card.

Why? Because using the Internet to order by credit card never exposes your number through discarded credit card receipts or carbons, your credit card never leaves your possession (like it does in restaurants, so you're in control of who has access to your credit card number), and the transmission can't be picked up by baby monitors and scanners, as it can with cordless and cellular phone calls.

And when you use your credit card number on the Hotel Kasha (or any other Secure Internet Form, for that matter!), all your information from your name to your credit card number is encrypted. This means that even if someone were able to pick up the transmission (which is pretty unlikely!) all they would get is gibberish!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell if my transmission will be secure?

Look at the lower right hand corner of your browser for a "lock". Again, you must be on a page which asks you to enter information, like our rates and reservations page. You can verify that the web transaction or transmission is secure if a small pad lock appears in the lower right or left corner of the web browser window. If the pad lock is "locked" (i.e.: not open), your transmissions are encrypted and secure.

If you're pad lock is open, the transmission is not secure. That means that you are either using a browser or browser version which does not support secure transactions or you are on a page which is not secure. Again, at our site, as with most sites, pages which do not transmit personal information are not secure, so you must be on a page which transmits info, like our ordering form, to test a site's security.

Other Browsers: If you're using a browser other than Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, check the documentation that came with it to learn how you can tell if your transmissions using your browser are secure. It should just take just a second to find out if a form is secure. It will be easy and well worth it!

To Review: A Secure Site is a one that encrypts and then securely transmits the information you've entered. And a Secure Site will not usually secure pages that don't ask the user for information, because it isn't necessary, as nothing personal is being transmitted! And secure pages also take a lot longer to download!

Q: How secure is the encryption used by SSL
(Secure Internet Protocols)?

SSL uses what's known as "Public-Key Encryption" to exchange a "session key" between you and the server; this session key is used to encrypt your transaction (both when you send it and when it is received), and each transmission uses a different session key. So no two transmissions will have the same session key and encryption.


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