Costa Rica Destination

Costa Rica is an ideal and the most favored tourist destination for spending vacations with either a family or group. This place is known as “Nature’s Paradise”. Beaches full of elegance, attractive volcanoes with the clouds of smoke around it and the breathtaking scenery, all these features have made the Costa Rica vacations the top most priority for all the nature lovers. This country is a fascinating holiday location bursting with wildlife and adventurous activities. Vacationing in this beautiful country can be referred to as a visit to the best amusement park because of the presence of rainforests, beaches, national parks, volcanoes, charming hotels and much more.

Some of the attractions of Costa Rica are:  Volcanoes  Costa Rica is known as the land of volcanoes with seven active and more than 100 dormant or extinct. Visiting these volcanoes can be an interesting aspect of your Costa Rica Vacations. The Arenal Volcano is the most known and visited one, situated within the northern lowlands. You can find various accommodations in the vicinity of the volcano offering a fabulous view.  National Parks  Costa Rica’s natural parks shelters a paradise for the nature enthusiasts. You can relax in the lap of nature with a natural mud spa or take night tours for observing turtles’ nesting. Vacations can be dangerous. You can be safer with cheap dental insurance. You can rent kayaks, canoes or motorboat to explore the dazzling lagoons twisting through the park.

Book your stay, in an ecolodge, to experience the nature closely. Arenal National Park, Tortuguero National Park, and Corcovado National Park are some of the popular in Costa Rica.  Activities  You can enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities on your Costa Rica Vacations. Go for scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing, floating, kayaking, cruising, fishing, and other water activities. There is no dearth of land adventures too ranging from rainforest safari, horseback riding, caves exploration to volcano exploration, hiking, trekking, and many more. You can visit the butterfly farms or explore the ecosystem.

The tourists can also relax with some healthy activities like yoga, mud bath, and natural spa treatments. You can also take part in various cultural, educational, and couple activities.  Costa Rica’s Famous Butterfly Farm –  This farm is the fantastic farm in the universe and you will get surprised by the first-time visit. It also considered as the largest butterfly farm in whole South America, also it has bug museums and countless insect.

Visit the hotel Chalet Tirol where the Dr. Richard Whitten exhibits most famous species of original insects and bugs.  Nosara  A tranquil beach community, Nosara is an ideal place for a surfer or nature lover. This is the most pristine and unspoiled corner of the country. One can enjoy the wildlife creatures such as Cheetah, Jaguar, Howler monkey, Puma, turtle and a lot more.  Beside all the above, one can also explore places like Tortuguero National Park, Puerto Viejo, Cahuita National Park, Rincon de la Vieja, and Liberia on his Costa Rica vacations.  Costa Rica offers many things to do for adventure explorers to make their Costa Rica adventure vacations more memorable whether you want a tour in deep rainforests or sunbathing on dazzling white sand beachfront, you will get a fantastic vacation.